ANBROAD: Renewing and Strengthening Future Posterity in the Broadcasting Industry – MC Swagger Declares Ambition

Amb Opeyemi Ayanrinde (MC Swagger) has declared in interest of ambition as the State Chairman of Association of Nigerian Broadcasters in Oyo State.

Amb Opeyemi Ayanrinde, who is currently the Special Adviser on Mobilization to The Speaker of Oyo State House of Assembly and Chairman of Conference of Speakers in Nigeria, Rt (Hon) Adebo Ogundoyin, and an experienced broadcaster of note in broadcasting industry.

ANBROAD is Association of Nigeria Broadcasters who is a body that caters for persons present on radio and/or television transmission.

In a press briefing, while Amb Ayanrinde MC Swagger expressing his interest to contest for the position of Chairman, Association of Nigerian Broadcasters (ANB), Oyo State Chapter at Ibadan, Wednesday.

  1. The distinguished herd of journalists, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a great honour to address you, august members of the Association of Nigerian Broadcasters, Oyo State Chapter.
  2. I am Ambassador Opeyemi Ayanrinde, popularly known as MC Swagger. I am an intelligent professional Eruwa-born human rights activist, radio-cum-television broadcaster/presenter who is well known across the nation and abroad. I am also a product mobiliser and Green World International entertainer. Similarly, I am a popular actor as well as filmmaker, and have featured in so many blockbuster nollywood films, a producer. I produced my first Yoruba film entitled ‘Iseda Mi’ in the year 2008.
  3. I am a graduate in Business Administration and Communication. I hold a Higher National Diploma (HND) from The Polytechnic, Ibadan. Without a doubt, I have worked for different radio/television stations as a freelance presenter and am a bonafide member of the Freelance and Independent Broadcasters’ Association of Nigeria (FIBAN).
  4. In addition, I was once the Publicity Secretary of Oyo State FIBAN and the only candidate/aspirant from Oyo State to contest the National Publicity Secretary of FIBAN in the year 2020. During my time, as the National Publicity Secretary, I worked, in good faith, to change the atmosphere and structure of FIBAN, through my media and publicity experience, for the betterment of all members of the association.
  5. As a veteran anchorman and human rights activist, I have founded ROCK RADIO/TV, IBADAN, under the aegis of Silver World Entertainment (a subsidiary of Opeyemi Ayanrinde MC Swagger Music and Film Productions) with a view to continuing speaking for the oppressed and the underprivileged.
  6. In furtherance, I am an ambassador and representative of the Impecable First-Eye Cultural Concept, Dallas, Texas, United States of America for my diligence and unmatchable contributions in society and in the entertainment industry. In the same vein, I was honoured with the certificate of leadership and first aids officer by the Red Cross Society of Nigeria in the year 2004, and have also received different certificates and awards of honour in the entertainment industry. On the 15th September, 2021, I was honoured with the Distinguished Leadership Award by the United Nations (certified and credited), and was nominated for the annual Yoruba Cultural Festival (2016/2017) in Dallas, Texas, United States of America.
  7. At present, I am the Special Assistant on Mobilisation to the Oyo State’s Speaker, the Rt Hon. Adebo Edward Ogundoyin, whom is also the Chairman Conference Of Speakers’ Nigeria. Unarguably, my appointment as a Special Assistant is based on my persistence, industry and honesty.
  8. Having worked in the media for many years, I have had bitter pill to swallow while on duty. So, I know what it means to work as a journalist in unfavourable atmospheres. I have observed different issues such as complex nature of contracts, poor compensation, retaining personnel, hurt and life threats, copyright and piracy issues, adaptation challenges, discrimination and lack of efforts, harassment at workplaces, among other issues facing broadcasters in Nigeria.
  9. For these reasons, I have deemed it fit to answer the clarion call. With my wealth of experience and my good office, I have decided to contest the position of Chairman, Association of Nigerian Broadcasters (ANB), Oyo State Chapter, with a view to renewing and strengthening the faith and hope of the youth and the posterity in broadcasting industry. Considering my level of experience and the connections that I have with the people at the helm, I vehemently believe that creating enabling media environments, which are conducive to working, will be achieved at an opportune moment. Moreover, with our concerted efforts and with you supporting me, I am hopeful that the ANB will get to the next level.
  10. I, Amb. Opeyemi Ayanrinde, hereby, call on my dear colleagues, friends and family members in the broadcasting industry (radio/television presenters) to join hands with me to achieve this so as to usher in a new era and season of greatness.

God bless you all!

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