Chef Dammy Demands N500m Damages From ‘Billionaire Dollars Pastor’s for Cyber Bullying, Blackmail, Threat To Life. 

Miss , popularly known as Chef Dammy, who came into limelight while trying to break Guinness World Record in longest cook-a-thon of 120 hours, had demanded a compensation of N500 million from one Pastor Adegoke Jeremiah, also known as ‘Billionaire Dollars Pastor’ over alleged bullying, blackmailing, sponsored media attacks, exploitation, threat to life, psychological trauma and emotional pains inflicted on her by the pastor.

Chef Dammy, in a letter written by her lawyers, Sun Richardmond Natha – Alade and Amb Wale Ojo- Lanre of Sun Natha-Alade and Partners, SNATHAP, titled: Re: Defamation of Character Demand for Retraction of Libelious Statement on Social Media and Two Widely Read National Dailies and Payment of N200 Million; And Counter-Demand for N500 Million for the Bullying, Blackmailing, Sponsored Attacks, Manipulation, Exploitation, Threat to Life, Psychological Trauma and Emotional Pains Inflicted On ‘Young

Miss Adeparusi Damilola, aka Chef Dammy,’ apart from the N500 million damages, is also demanding a public apology to be published in three national newspapers and on the social media platforms, where the pastor had allegedly defamed the chef.

The letter stated that the lawyers are in receipt of a letter purportedly written by the pastor’s lawyer, Sule Busayo and Co, dated 23rd October, 2023, where in the pastor was asking for N20,000,000 and public apology in two national newspapers.

Describing the letter as “not only laughable, but an insult and a ploy to divert attention from every wrong you have committed against our client,” Chef Dammy’s lawyers added that the letter is also a  “façade to silence our client from exercising her constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights and freedoms, with your further manifested intention to shut her up from expressing herself, based on facts touching on her exploitation, bullying, blackmail, manipulations, 

sponsored attacks, psychological traumas and emotional pains you have subjected her to, at all time; beginning immediately before and after the cook-a-thon program, held between 9th and 12th of June, 2023; in our clients attempt to 

break the Guinness Book of Records.”

Explaining the mode of bullying, blackmail, manipulation among others, the lawyers said, ” We are aware that our client, being a young lady, who has very little knowledge and experience about life, was taken advantage of, willfully exploited, 

blackmailed and bullied by you viz: (to mention a few)

“1. You initiated, lured, manipulated and talked our client into going for 120-hour cook-a-thon; a cooking marathon for 120 hours non-stop, with 

the aim of publicising your church, getting financial advantage and giving

your church and personal career an advantage at the detriment of our client.

“2. Prior, during and after the program, you seized our client’s phones for several days, restricting her from communication; while you manipulated 

her to give you access to all her personal details; as her bank accounts, her ATM pins, all her social media accounts, e.t.c., all in bids to keep track of all money inflows and information connected thereto. 

“3. You benefitted maximally from all money realized in the course of the exercise, as same were released to you and/or your bank account directly and/or by 


“4. Our client took ill at the tail end of the cook-a-thon exercise, and was hospitalized, yet, while on her sick bed and in order to keep yourself in spotlight and fame, you kept on bringing all manners of interviewers and pressmen to her hospital bed, before her parent warded you off.”

They further accused the cleric of “subsequent move to further manipulate and exploit our client after the

first 120-hour cook-a-thon exercise, by suggesting she goes for another 150-hour cook-a-thon was politely resisted by her, upon the leak, consideration and realization of some facts that bothers on insincerity, financial 

impropriety and general manipulation; which made her realized that she 

had been manipulated and/or used by you; continued threat to her and disturbance of our client’s peace of mind, which led to the intervention of the office of the First Lady of Ekiti State, where you undertook to let her be in peace, upon your invitation.”

The letter added, “Upon exit from the office of the First Lady of Ekiti State and despite your 

undertaking to let her be in peace, you were quoted saying ‘persons who brought this matter to the First Lady would die,’ without mincing words,

this statement and likely implication made our client to come on air to state 

that ‘if anything happens to her, you, the Billion Dollar Pastor should be held responsible,’ as our client further promised to let the whole world know

what is happening to her at your instance.

“It is to be noted, that despite your undertaking to let our client be and let her have her peace of mind, you continually and overtly persisted to harass, intimidate her and threaten her life.

“When you could not do same alone any longer, you recruited students and your entire church members to bully our client, threaten her, lay curses on her, while you used all available social media and sponsored media 

against her; of which, there have been several newspaper publication in 

respect of your bully conduct and that of your church members against our client.

“As if all that are not enough, you caused a lawyer to write our client, while you lay false claim to defamation of character and inordinately requested that N20,000,000 be paid to you.”

Insisting that “at no time has our client defamed you, rather, you have 

been the person who has continually harassed and defamed our client,” tbe lawyers noted that Chef Dammy “has every right to freedom of expression as guaranteed by the Nigerian Constitution,” adding that the cleric would not be tolerated  “to shut her up from speaking on how you have continually blackmailed, manipulated, exploited, bullied, cheated, terrorized and subjected our client to psychological trauma and emotional pains, ever since the

beginning and the end of the 120-hour cook-a-thon and our client’s rejection of 

your further proposal that she goes into another 150-hour cook-a-thon.”

They noted that further facts have been reserved for necessary reasons, promising that they would be released in due course.

The letter added, “In the light of the foregoing, we hereby state emphatically, that all your conducts are driven towards drifting our client away from her mental health and/or

psychological well being, which could have a complex effect of suicide; knowing 

fully well that you have threatened to kill her (physically or by diabolical means), by 

the implicatory effect of your infamous words to her, viz, ‘persons who brought this matter to the first lady would die,’ of which you know and you are fully aware she did make the report with her family involvement; all because she has the nerves to report you to the authorities.”

Restating that the cleric had “without mincing words, brutishly blackmailed, manipulated, exploited, bullied, cheated, terrorized and subjected our client to psychological trauma and emotional pains, despite her young age and little level of life experience,” Dammy’s lawyers said, ” Our client’s legal rights have been serially violated by you, using several fronts and fora, to which our client is entitled to be compensated in same line; as damage has been done to her reputation, mental health, general wellbeing and life in 

general, by you. 

“Based on the reasons above, we hereby demand for the payment of the sum of N500,000,000 forthwith, being compensation for general breaches of 

our client’s fundamental and/or legal rights by you. We also request that you apologize to 

our client vide your personal and church social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, Whatsapp and X – formerly Twitter accounts); and also cause same to be published in THREE major newspapers read across the length and breadth of Nigeria, for 

defamation of her character, serial manipulation, exploitation and other injuries you have 

caused to her.”

They further reiterated that failure, refusal or neglect by the man of God “to yield to the line of our demand above, we would not hesitate in initiating both civil and criminal actions against you before necessary court and/or institution of competent jurisdiction to claim necessary damages and costs thereto,

amidst other attendant dire consequences.”

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