Gbolarumi commends Makinde for creating religious harmony in Oyo State

●Speaks on Ramadan, State of the Nation, and PDP

Former Deputy Governor of Oyo State, Alhaji Hazeem Gbolarumi, who is a prominent member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), spoke about various topics during an interview with journalists. He discussed the teachings of Ramadan, the state of the nation, the PDP, the Olubadan obaship tussle, and governance in Oyo State.

Regarding Ramadan, Gbolarumi emphasized the importance of embracing Islamic principles in daily life. He expressed gratitude for the peaceful conclusion of Ramadan and praised the Governor of Oyo State for his performance in maintaining peace and harmony. Gbolarumi commended the governor for successfully uniting religious leaders in the state, which he acknowledged as a challenging task.

Regarding the Olubadan obaship issue, Gbolarumi did not want to get involved but expressed confidence in the ability of the state’s leaders to resolve the matter. He believed that the Chief Law would be implemented and that the nomination of the king by the Olubadan in council would soon be approved by the governor.

When asked about the PDP at the national level, Gbolarumi acknowledged that efforts were being made to resolve the differences among party stakeholders since the party lost the election. He also addressed the issue of lawmakers calling for the departure of the interim leader, stating that it was a normal process as stipulated in the constitution.

Gbolarumi admitted that he did not know if Governor Wike was still a member of the PDP and suggested that Wike should clarify his position to the public. Regarding reconciliation between Makinde and the Atiku camp, Gbolarumi believed that both parties were seeking peace and that the process would take time but eventually be successful.

When asked if the PDP could make a comeback, Gbolarumi expressed optimism and highlighted the current challenges facing the country, such as poverty and insecurity. He believed that the party needed to rethink its strategies and make adjustments to address these issues.

Regarding the PDP chairmanship, Gbolarumi stated that the selection process would require careful planning and did not expect an immediate appointment. He believed that all the potential candidates were qualified for the position.

When asked if he intended to run for the office of Governor of Oyo State, Gbolarumi stated that the decision was ultimately in God’s hands and did not provide a definitive answer.

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