How late actor Sule Suebebe’s family allegedly rejects his corpse from Agbaya Gabriel

The family of late Nollywood veteran actor Sule Suebebe have allegedly rejected his corpse.

It was reported on Wednesday that the actor died in the early hours of Wednesday morning, June 12th, at an undisclosed hospital in Ibadan, Oyo State.

The news of his demise was made known by Ibadan-based cleric Pastor Ademola Amusan, aka Agbala Gabriel, who has been caring for the ailing actor for months.

Announcing his death on his Facebook page, he expressed how saddened he was over his demise and prayed for his soul to rest in peace.

According to a social media user, the actor’s family have refused to take his corpse from the clergyman.

“Breaking news: We hear that Baba Suebebe’s family refused to take his corpse from Agbala Gabriel; they rejected his corpse.
So what is going to happen now?”

Reaction Below:

One Unique Fitting Wears wrote, “The family abandoned him when he was sick

One Temmy Business World wrote, “He should give them the corpse with the house Nigerian built for him

One Omosexy1415 wrote, “Oga o. What’s the man’s sin?

One Damnath Collections wrote, “It seems they are all stubborn in that man’s family. I feel for the pastor sha. This, too, shall pass

One Efijay4eva wrote, “Hmmmm, may God please see Agbala Gabriel through? This is too much

One Misty Yemi wrote, “Nawa oo, he’s late now, they should forgive him already

One Adunsexy1 wrote, “They should bury him on his land

One Ayoola Omorinoye9 wrote, “I suspect the family. He should be buried in his house”.

Just a few months back, Sule Suebebe had received a massive turnover as he joined the list of house owners. The veteran was gifted a brand new house by Pastor Gabriel, and videos captured online showed the veteran, who was in a wheelchair, in his new house as he rained prayers on the clergyman and his members.

Before his death, Suebebe had appealed to the women he offended during his youthful days. He sought forgiveness from them, as he admitted that during his youthful days, he stepped on so many toes due to his wayward and lackadaisical lifestyle, especially when he was still a musician.

The emotional video captured the actor taking accountability for his actions as he sought forgiveness.

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