If my partner gets pregnant for another man, I can accept the child – Baba Tee

Nigerian actor, Babatunde Bernard Tayo, well known as Baba Tee, has weighed in on the trending discourse of paternity fraud and the need for DNA test.

Baba Tee said a woman deserves the blame for paternity fraud as she is the only one who can conceive, so she did not fully aware of her actions

Speaking in a recent interview on TVC, the comic act claimed that the reason there is high rate of paternity fraud in the country is due to several issues, including upbringing and lack of sexual satisfaction.

He further stated that a woman cannot use the excuse of domestic abuse to cheat and give another man’s child to her husband, as such the best is to leave an abusive man.

Baba Tee, however, said he can do anything for a spouse that’s good to him, such as accept a child that isn’t his if his partner is remorseful for cheating with someone else.

He said: “Women can’t use domestic violence or infidelity on the part of their spouses as an excuse for paternity fraud. If a man is not treating you well, walk out of the marriage.

“When it comes to paternity fraud, the woman is always at fault. You can’t shift the blame to the man because men don’t conceive. As a woman, if you know you can’t tolerate your husband’s maltreatment or infidelity, leave the marriage.

“Personally, there is nothing I can’t keep for a woman who is good to me. If a woman cheats on me and a child comes out of it and I find out, I will forgive her if she is remorseful. I will take the child as my own.”

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