Iyabo Ojo reacts to Very Dark Man’s allegations that she didn’t get an invite to Davido’s wedding, shows proof

Very Dark Man made strong allegations against Iyabo Ojo, claiming that she wasn’t invited to Davido’s main wedding, and only got an invite to the after party, and this claim didn’t sit well with the actress.

Iyabo Ojo clapped back at Very Dark Man’s claims with receipts, which were quite detailed to say the least.

A conversation between Iyabo Ojo and Davido’s sister Sharon.
She started by posting a snippet of a conversation with Davido’s sister Sharon, where she texted her about the details of the wedding, and sent her an invite.

In the second slide of her post, Iyabo Ojo included a full copy of the wedding invitation card she got from Sharon Adeleke, confirming her eligibility to get into the wedding venue.

Iyabo Ojo’s wedding invite.
She also attached a video of herself getting into the wedding venue and being welcomed, before she walked over and took pictures with Davido and his wife Chioma.

Iyabo Ojo arrives at Davido’s wedding venue.
Lastly, she threw a little jab at Very Dark Man when she attached a picture of a black goat with a gold chain around its neck.

Iyabo Ojo had backup for her fight with Very Dark Man, as her lover Paul Okoye stepped in, and called Very Dark Man out for trolling her.

Paul Okoye also took to the fight to Davido’s doorstep, asking him to pick between him and Very Dark Man.

As jolly as Davido and Chioma’s wedding was, there were still a few glitches. The first one started when Israel DMW blurred the face of Davido’s lawyer out of a group picture.

Secondly, comedian Dee One seems to have made it his life’s mission to criticize every minute detail about the wedding.

He had complained about Chioma’s engagement ring, claiming that Davidi had hiked its worth. Dee One also wasn’t happy about the fact that the wedding wasn’t held in Igbo land, as is culturally appropriate, according to him.

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