Iyabo Ojo replies Laura Ikeji, drags Linda Ikeji

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo who isn’t one to shy away from online drama has replied to her co-reality star, Laura Ikeji.

Iyabo during an episode of Real Housewives of Lagos admitted to bullying Laura, stating that when she doesn’t like someone, she bullies them.

Reacting to it, Laura stated that the worst thing that can happen to a mother is seeing her child being bullied and she can never entertain such.

She avowed that it’s not acceptable to bully someone and it’s okay to keep one’s distance when you don’t like the person, but bullying someone should be off-limits.

Hitting back at her, Iyabo in a now-deleted post slammed Laura for playing the victim as she pointed out how her blogger sister, Linda Ikeji is the Queen of Bullies.

She recounted how the famous blogger wrote unpleasant things about her on social media, without thinking about her children. To add to it, she brought up instances where Laura vowed to beat people up.

“Laura!!!! you’re playing the victim, mogbe. Abi no be the same Laura way talk say she will slap one of her fellow housewives in season 1, abi no be you almost turn Jackie chan, comot wig, and slippers say she go beat person, mama, even talk say you fit take one hand beat another person pikin. Please, where was this same energy and write-up in season 1 …. oooo ok, you are now born again, I see.

Laura I put it to you that your sister is the real-life Queen of bullies, I guess I learned from her, do you know how many times my kids have read a lot of rubbish that was written about me by your sister way back even, before social media, do you know how many lives your sister has bullied in real life through her media platforms, where was this same write up and energy then, you didn’t know then that people’s children will one day grow up and read all those rubbish, draggings and insults written about their parents, do you know how many homes got destroyed through your sister, so it’s now you know no one should be bullied.

even our Queen of Bully, your sister, is helping you post your rubbish on her page, really!!! Senior Queen Bully, why now? Wonders shall never end sha, so the ikeji’s can one day play victim, wawu, e shock me o.

Ikeji’s, people who live in glass houses don’t throw stones …….
No wonder your mouth was running that day like a typewriter, anyways if to say you no get belle, that one for be two fightings now, but as you get belle you come dey bully me, not fair tho.
take several seats, jor”.

A few days back, a very pregnant Laura Ikeji had slammed Iyabo Ojo for constantly getting on her nerves and trying to bully her. She claimed there had been an altercation between them in the previous season which she had continuously apologized.

According to Laura Ikeji, the respect she had for her former idol had diminished to zero and she had withdrawn every apology she made in the past.

She further promised to show Iyabo Ojo the hidden part of her which she claimed the latter had been evoking. She also called her out for raising bottle on her despite her fragile condition.

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