“Marriage is not an achievement, finding the right partner is” – Actress Mary Remmy Njoku shuns people trolling single ladies

Actress and filmmaker, Mary Remmy Njoku took to social media to shun married women disregarding single ladies on social media. She emphasizes that nobody wants to be alone but many are yet to find someone who gives them peace.

Reading the actress post on social media mentioned that marriage is not an achievement and finding the right partner is, people should be allowed to make good decisions when finding the right partner.

She stated that some couples claim to be happy because of societal expectations. Society tends to pressure single people into marriage, hence, they end up in abusive marriages.

The filmmaker referenced an anonymous woman, who is being abused domestically by her husband but still comes to social media to troll single ladies. She exclaimed that the people should focus on the economy and let the singles breathe.

In her post:

“You wed a man who intimidates you during pregnancy with potential side chick, yet you audaciously mock single girls. Aunty, you have a resident problem.

You marry a man, who provides for everyone except you and your children. Aunty off mic! You are a single parent.

You marry ‘community man’ instead of ‘your man’ Sister! You are the Ring Bearer!!

We are all going through a lot or coming from a lot.
But when we see a single girl about 35, we abandon our prayer point and focus on her! 😉😉Team ” I am happily married ” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Focus on your Focus o!!!!

Nobody truly wants to be alone dem never find who go give dem Peace.

Again. Let the single breath”

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