“Verydarkman Is A Woman” Blessing Okoro Reveals The Real Gender Of Tiktok Influencer

Blessing Okoro, a self-proclaimed relationship expert and CEO, and VeryDarkMan, a rising Nigerian influencer captivated the attention of netizens with their very public feud. In a recent development, Blessing Okoro had called him out for being a woman.

It all began with a video featuring VeryDarkMan that rapidly spread across social media platforms. In this video, VeryDarkMan appeared somewhat disheveled while in a market setting, which prompted Blessing Okoro to express her rather strong and unfavorable opinion. She did not hold back, branding him as looking like a “hoodlum” and even went as far as suggesting that he resembled a criminal. This candid criticism raised eyebrows and set the stage for a highly publicized feud.

Blessing Okoro didn’t stop at critiquing VeryDarkMan’s appearance. She further called upon public figures, including the renowned musician Davido, to assist him in acquiring appropriate clothing. Okoro also mentioned VeryDarkMan’s dabble into sharing intimate content online, implying that it was met with rejection from viewers and had not yielded any financial gain.

Yesterday, VeryDarkMan was quick to respond to Blessing Okoro’s scathing comments. He dug up a past video in which Blessing Okoro had profusely praised him, highlighting her apparent admiration for his intelligence and alpha male persona. This stark contradiction between her previous admiration and her recent criticism left many perplexed.

As the feud escalated, Blessing Okoro decided to counter VeryDarkMan’s claims by stating that he was nothing more than a stranger to her. She went to great lengths to emphasize that he exhibited certain “womanly” characteristics that were incompatible with being an alpha male. In her words, she accused him of engaging in online disputes, claiming that a true alpha male would not indulge in such behavior. According to her, VeryDarkMan was a “big for nothing” personality who merely talked endlessly, and she considered him nothing more than a joke.

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