Is Iyalaje Oodua Sleeping With Ooni?

Ooni is unquestionable on the appointment of Toyin Kolade as Iyalaje Oodua
Whoever is musing, crying and in the sad mood about the appointment of a non- Ile – Ife indigene as Iyalaje Oodua should have her head laundered at the nearest psychiatric clinic.

And the fellow should borrow herself a tot of the brain to know that
It is Iyalaje Oodua
Not Iyalaje of Ile – Ife
Ile Ife is the Source of the World
The Ancestral stead of all the Yorubas home and in the diaspora
Every Omo Oodua,
I mean omo Karo Ojire
Belongs to Oodua
The Ooni of Ife is the Arole Oodua
The palace is the House of Oduduwa
There are many Obas in Ife with each having the royal right as conferred on them to appoint their chiefs with approval from Arole Oodua
Ooni is an Imperial Majesty
Not his Royal Highness or His Royal Majesty
Imperial is intercontinental not a community or a clan or kingdom
Hence the Ooni has the divine inclination, power and unquestionable might and authority to appoint whoever he in his wisdom qualified as chief over Oodua property.

His appointment of Princess Dr Mrs Toyin Kolade as the Iyalaje Oodua was not a brain wave decision.

The fact is that Iyalaje Oodua is different from Iyalaje Ile Ife or Iyaloja of somewhere
One is restricted within a town, a kingdom of a fiefdom
The other, Iyalaje Oodua, is a global title that covers all the true sons and daughters of Oodua in this firmament called Earth
So whoever is sponsoring or inciting any group about the appointment of Princess Dr Toyin Kolade as Iyalaje Oodua on the point that the title is for an Ife indigene should get educated and stop her act of deception and fueling an unnecessary emotion and rabid sentimental passion which is jejune and cheap both in content and mission
Iyalaje Oodua is not an exclusive traditional title for only Ife Indigene.
The appointment of Iyalaje Oodua is on the Exclusive, special and prerogative list of the Arole Oodua under the influence of the ancient order of the spiritual temple and direction
The Yeye Oba of Oodua too is on the same list
Alaafin of Oyo, Iku Baba Yeye, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III has bestowed a plethora of chieftaincy titles that bear Yoruba on non- Oyo indigenous
Aare Ona kakanfo of Yoruba on Iba Gani Adams, Maiyegun of Yoruba on Chief Wasiu Ayinde, Ayedero of Yoruba on Hon Shina Peller, those distinguished and eminent personalities are not from Oyo.
The Arole Oodua can pick whoever the spiritual elements direct him to choose as Iyalaje Oodua or Yeye Oba of Oodua
It is also people of cheap minds and of low mental capacity of an animal that always insinuate illicit or sexual, amorous or convivial relationship between two personalities who are bonded together by mutual respect.

And whenever they could not decode the chord which has fastened a mutual engagement of a duo, the next option for jobless dirty-minded people is to allude to ‘ illicit sexual relationship or the lady must have washed something to charm or hypnotize the other’
Such thought is always bandied about by people with sawdust brains and of lower IQ worst than a fly.

Such thoughts are peddled by idiots and dregs of the society and embraced by senseless people who cannot think that an impregnable relationship is sealed and signed by mutual respect for the other party based on SWOT computations, not on sexual or amoral relationships.
This is the secret of the bond between the Arole Oodua and Iyalaje Oodua .
Arole Oodua of today, Ooni of Ife has not committed any Imperial, territorial, divine or spiritual harakiri in the appointment of Princess Dr Toyin Kolade, a first-class merchant and intercontinental trader who is spiritually wired in African tradition as the Iyalaje of Oodua
The Ooni has not erred on this and whoever is not happy with this can appeal to heaven or go to hell
It should be noted that no amount of dirty propaganda and hiring of town criers can mitigate the appointment of Iyalaje Oodua in the person of Princess Dr Mrs Toyin Kolade.

And no amount of bogus and acrimonious falsehood of sex portion and role usurping news being spread by crude people can truncate the progressive developmental alliance of the Office of Iyalaje Oodua with the House of Oduduwa and to the Arole Oodua
For Ile – Ife is the Source and spiritual home of all omo kaaro ojire
And whoever is trying to sequester the indigenes of Ile Ife from the rest of Yoruba is only embarking on a self – destructive mission.

On appointment of Princess Chief Toyin Kolade as the Iyalaje Oodua by the Ooni is right , correct , fit and proper and perfectly in agreement with traditional and cultural dictates of the order of the House of Oodua.

One thought on “Is Iyalaje Oodua Sleeping With Ooni?”

  1. Honestly, I appreciate d writer of ds explanation. Tx a bunch for ds write up. U are on point.
    Most of us are just deity minded ppl.
    Arole Odua pls don’t ever mind awon alainise, onosokuso, alakori gbogbo.

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