How Ayo Arise Committed A Political suicide ?

I have just driven through the Federal University, Oye – Ekiti
I saw many beautiful buildings which have added value of great immense to a once dreaded jungle inhabited by fauna and flora
I saw thousands of students roaming and engaging in educational activities
Most of these students are none native of Oye, nor Ekiti.

People who were drafted or pulled from their different states and cities of the Federation to hibernate or sojourn in a hitherto and relatively unknown sleepy town of Oye Ekiti by the singular reason of locating a Federal Institution.

I could also see some foreign students and lecturers who could have not or may not have stepped the soil of Oye if not because of the school

As I drove out of the beautiful Campus, I could see different buildings in different forms being inhabited and occupied by these students
I also remember that two of my friends and a brother from Usi Ekiti acquired parcels of land in Oye, not for farming but where they planted various categories of accommodation outlets.
One if they have not deemed it fit to build a house in Usi but is very quick to erect 24 units of self contain one-room apartment in Oye – Ekiti. A venture which has been over-subscribed.

Four Ibadan based boutique operators have established outlets in Oye/ Ilupeju.
The Federal University, Oye Ekiti has brought inestimable and imaginative development to Oye Ekiti and all the towns in the environment
Ikole Ekiti will forever be grateful to FUOYE for berthing in Oye with an impactful presence in Ikole
Our Ekiti is global known and respected now just because of FUOYE!
If not for FUOYE, the 45 members of Oodua Progressive Union, based in Europe would never bothered me or saddled me with the task of securing comfortable accommodation for their wards who gained admission to FUOYE.

If not for FUOYE, those who are employed there would not have gained employment to FUOYE or be employed at all.
If not for FUOYE, some of the Petrol Stations, hotels, guest houses and short-time brothers may not exist in the town
I saw the sheer bludgeoning population of Oye!
Is it not that Oye Ekiti?
FUOYE has boosted every economic sector in the town with less crime
And as I cruised around the town my mind went to one of the most distinguished sons of the town, Senator Ayo Arise
I shook my head for him
I pity him for being foolish
Yes. Senator Ayo Arise was very foolish
Walai talai
I remember him inviting me to his Maitama House in Abuja some years ago
He wanted me to handle some media work for him on a project which he said ‘ would commit everything to’ achieve this just because of the love he has for his town
He said he was rooting for the allocation of a Federal University of Agriculture to Oye Ekiti
The media and communication initiative entailed composition and designing of advertisements, proposals and persuasive memos to high places
Senator Ayo Arise mustered all his connections, financial stronghold and networking
He worked earnestly and expended his political and emotional goodwill at ensuring that Oye Ekiti got a slot out of the newly established University.

The announcement of the location of the University in Oye was buffeted with controversy and controversy
And hell was let loose
Arise got his political finger burnt
He’s got the University for his town.
It was a fierce battle.
As the controversy raged on, I visited him in Oye and warned him that with the way things were, he may suffer a political setback
He looked at me and said ‘ if this struggle against hijacking the location of this University from Oye to another town will prevent me from going back to the Senate, let it be provided it is in Oye, I don’t mind’
I pointed out to him ” Are you sure you are not making a bloody personal mistake ?’
Are you sure you are not committing a political suicide?

I threw many reasonable and unreasonable questions unto him
‘ Lanre, what do you mean by political suicide?
Look, if by standing and fighting for the benefit of my community will constitute a political suicide , let it be. As I told you if my bloody mistake will ensure the advancement of my town, the people and the community, I am willing to bear the consequences”
Senator Arise zealously fought all attempts at ensuring the relocation of the University to another town
However, a political solution was propounded
The dust settled down
But Arise’s political progression was truncated
His attempt to go back to the Senate for the Second term was nipped in the bud
Just because of his singular bloody mistake of ensuring that Oye Ekiti, his home town got the seat of the University.
His re-election bid was jeopardised and battered.
He suffered defeat at the polls
It was a personal loss and a setback for him politically

As I drove around the town
Seeing what the University has brought to the town, I concluded that Senator Ayo Arise’s purported mistake is worthy of emulation.

Although the majority of people in Oye Ekiti may not appreciate or adore him for now History and posterity will certainly do
God always blessed those who risked their personal advancement for the progress of all

Credit:Wale Ojo Lanre

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